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David Kahn, a historian of intelligence, particularly of communications intelligence, or codebreaking, is widely regarded as the world¡??s leading expert on the history of codes and cryptology. His thousand-page The Codebreakers has been called a "classic" and the "standard"; The Codebreakers tells the story of secret writing from the hieroglyphs through the Enigma to the cryptosystems that make e-commerce possible. His most recent book is The Reader of Gentlemen¡??s Mail, the life of the colorful, controversial Herbert O. Yardley, who brought the best intelligence ¡¡ï¿½ï¿½C codebreaking --¬ to America. David Kahn is also the author of The Codebreakers, Hitler¡??s Spies, Seizing the Enigma, and Kahn on Codes. He also appears from time to time on the History Channel and elsewhere on television as an expert in the history of cryptology and codes. For many years an editor at Newsday, the Long Island daily, he holds the Ph.D. in modern history from Oxford University. In addition to his books, David Kahn has written scholarly and popular articles on the subject of codes, cryptology and ciphers in publications ranging from The New York Times to Playboy, from the Journal of Strategic Studies to the Encyclopedia Americana. Some of David Kahn's articles about codes, codebreaking, and cryptology are featured in the Articles section of this site. Kahn has taught courses on modern political and military intelligence at Yale and Columbia and has testified before Congress on policy matters dealing with cryptology.

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Reviews of David Kahn's latest book The Reader of Gentlemen's Mail:

"Kahn is rightly surprised that H. O. Yardley, 'the most colorful and controversial figure in American intelligence,' has not had a biographer before. Yet if Yardley could read Kahn's account of his exploits, he would surely say that the wait was worth it. An enjoyable read about an important but arcane chapter of American history."--William E. Odom, author of Fixing Intelligence: For a More Secure America

"David Kahn has brought alive the period from the beginning to the middle of the last century in a way that should attract even those readers with no special interest in codes and ciphers. Masterful."--David E. Murphy, author of Battleground Berlin

¡¡ãYardley was both a patriot and a self-serving entrepreneur, and his life raises moral questions as much as it illustrates the history of cryptography. Kahn¡??s biography of Yardley is fascinating reading.¡¡?-Harvey Klehr, coauthor of The Secret World of American Communism and The Soviet World of American Communism

"The world's best expert on codes brilliantly tells the fascinating story of the pioneer American codebreaker."--Arthur Schlesinger

"David Kahn has turned a complex subject, cryptology, and a complex individual, cryptologist Herbert Yardley, into a fascinating, very readable study of the influence of American morality on spying and code breaking. Yardley, a hero in advancing American code breaking, was cast out onto the street when the Secretary of State's famous pronouncement 'Gentlemen do not read each other's mail' closed down Yardley's code breaking operations in 1929 In Kahn's term, Yardley then became a 'rotter' in writing a book about our code breaking in order to make a buck for himself. In time, though, the book had the effect of advancing our ability to read the Japanese codes, a key to our winning World War II. This is an intriguing read about the kind of the intrigue that permeates the world of intelligence."--Stansfield Turner, Admiral, U.S. Navy (Ret.), Director of Central Intelligence, 1977¡¡ï¿½ï¿½C1981

David Kahn, Washington, National Security Agency

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The Reader of Gentlemen's Mail:
Herbert O. Yardley and the Birth of American Codebreaking

by David Kahn

The Reader of Gentlemen¡??s Mail (Herbert O. Yardley Founder of American Cryptology) by David Kahn

The story of Herbert O. Yardley, the man who brought the best intelligence to America-Code Breaking


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